What to Expect From preschool to achieve the Social Development of your child?


Montessori preschool helps children to grow into capable, independent, confident, self-directed learners. Are you trying to find good schools in Dubai for your child? Then understanding what to expect from your preschool and your preschooler’s development will help you to find the best educational program. It will also help you to coordinate better with your teacher, set expectations, and provide the best possible support needed from your side.

In this article, we have mentioned in detail; what to expect from preschool and what are the major emotional and social milestones (for 3- to 5-year-old), and how Montessori can help.

Emotional Development 

Preschool-aged children do not know how to master their emotions, they need to be taught like other things. Emotional development, like the other types of development such as your child’s language, critical thinking, and other skills; is learned by controlling their feelings with the passing years.

By the time your child’s preschool years at Good schools in Dubai comes to end, your child would have built the skills to control their emotions. They might identify what they’re feeling and express their emotions with loved ones. If you still think that your child does not know how to handle their emotions or gets irritated easily? Remember that every child is unique so they learn at their own pace. Give them enough time to learn by themselves and do not worry about it.

Once they start to express their feelings, they also develop to consider others’ perspectives. In short, they learn to be empathetic and understand others’ feelings. You may notice that your child seems to be more sensitive toward their friend’s or any family members’ feelings. Remember they are still learning and are still in a developmental phase, so do not expect adult-like maturity or empathy from them.

Montessori Dubai preschool for Emotional Development

Montessori curriculum and philosophy help your child to develop emotionally. Their emotional intelligence is developed when they interact and form close bonds with teachers and other kids and perform many emotional development activities. Teachers act more as a guide and give freedom to children to take control and learn how to self-regulate. Teachers keep a check on each child and help children to handle their strong emotions like anger, sadness, disappointment, fear, excitement, etc. In Montessori, it is said that avoiding their emotions or situations will make it worse, they need to be handled at the right time and help children to have faith in us.

Self-regulation is crucial as it helps children in controlling their own emotions. Unlike traditional classrooms, where there is a reward-punishment system; in Montessori preschool children are internally motivated, which is a virtue that stays with them for a lifetime.

The other benefit is, that as Montessori has mixed-age children, the younger ones learn to build emotional understanding by watching and interacting with the older ones.

Social Development

Social development goes hand in hand with emotional skills building. In Montessori, your preschool child learns to share, take turns, communicate and negotiate and form the bond of friendship.

Dubai preschool for Social Development

In a Montessori classroom, children learn to respect one another and build interpersonal skills. They perform many activities together which help them to develop social skills. There is no competition with classmates so children find it easier to connect with their peers and find inspiration from each other.

Cognitive Development

Montessori along with emotional, and social development focuses on cognitive development such as music, reading, talking, and listening. A teacher or an older classmate reads books and younger ones listen to them carefully. Playful tunes or audio poems are played regularly which helps in the cognitive development of children. Good schools in Dubai involve outdoor learning where children enjoy nature and experience exciting, engaging things.

Physical Development

Not to forget physical development which is the main part of the Montessori curriculum is greatly focused on by teachers through various activities. It helps in children’s fine and gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, muscle memory, sensory development, etc.


Montessori Dubai preschool classrooms are different from traditional classrooms where everything is colourful, meaningful and holds importance and everything is designed keeping in mind the preschool kids.

Montessori education is one of the most preferred schooling methodologies for preschool kids as it helps in the overall personality and development of a child. So, now that you know how your child’s emotional and social development happens and how Montessori can be the best environment for their development and growth; finding the best preschool will be a cakewalk. 

Find the Good schools in dubai for your child and let them get unique and individualized treatment during the pre-schooling years for better personality development and overall growth.

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