Halloween marketing ideas to consider for the happy guest this year

These Hotel Halloween Marketing Ideas For Guests Satisfaction.


For hotels, Halloween can be an exciting time. Travelers are taking advantage of the fall weather, families are enjoying the opportunity to dress up, and the holiday season is just around the horizon. However, in a year when many travelers are staying at home and in-person events have undergone significant changes, Halloween may feel more difficult than usual. This is where these Halloween hotel suggestions come in. Continue reading to find out how to celebrate Halloween at your hotel while keeping your employees and guests safe.

Having a diverse set of Halloween marketing ideas can help your hotel brand stand out from the crowd. This is also a high-spending season for consumers, so hoteliers must be creative in order to attract rapid reservations and revenue.

Welcome Letter note for impressing your guests

First impressions are important, especially in the hospitality industry. The experience your guests have from the moment they check in can set the tone for the rest of their stay, so it’s critical that you get off to a good start.

Fortunately, a well-written guest welcome letter can go a long way toward impressing your guests. It may even prompt them to leave glowing reviews, which can help you grow your business significantly.
Guests appreciate personal touches, and letters and notes of any kind are especially touching. That is why, from the moment your guests arrive, giving a welcome letter is the ideal way to establish a human connection with them. It would also be ideal if you gave a welcome letter with a specific festival theme, as this will be at Halloween time. Consider these Halloween flyer templates from PhotoADking, which have a variety of templates that are easy to use. You can create the best welcome letter for your guests.

Make your vacation home feel inspiring and one-of-a-kind by creating a sense of excitement around the guest experience.

Make a personal connection with your guest, even if you can’t meet and greet them in person.

Make your guests feel special, thought about, and cared for, mainly if the letter is personalized.

Organize an Online Contest

Running a Halloween-themed contest will allow you, the hotel owner, to benefit from user-generated material. Social media is excellent for marketing your hotel’s Halloween upgrades. Request that your followers share photos of themselves dressed up for Halloween. Use pertinent hashtags to make participation as simple as possible. You may keep it vote-based or choose a winner for the ‘Spookiest Costume,’ among other things. Such social media contests will increase interest and visitors to your website. Keep a separate page on your website for participant images and winning announcements. Maintain information consistency across all channels. One of the most interesting and tempting Halloween promotional ideas for hotels is to hold an online contest.

Create a photo booth.

Photo booths have become a must-have for in-person events, particularly those with a high social media presence. Consider setting up a picture booth in the foyer if your hotel caters to Millennials or a younger population this Christmas season. Custom backdrops and effects for Halloween, autumn, and beyond are available. Guests may enjoy branded products and costume accessories! To increase interaction, encourage your guests to upload images on your property’s social media platforms using a relevant hashtag. This is a terrific chance for attendees to show off their costumes and discuss their holiday memories in a secure environment.

Provide Halloween Package Ideas and Work with Local Event Organizers

Collaboration with local event planners and organizers is one approach to attracting travelers to your hotel resort. Purchase tickets to local events near your accommodation. Include them as a free bonus with your lodging package for the Christmas season. This will entice new tourists to investigate the area. Furthermore, when the event organizer mentions the hotel property in the event promotional material, your hotel brand will benefit. Look for craft fairs, pumpkin festivals, mystery tours, ghost hunts, and other events to attract the correct demographic. You may also offer Halloween Weekend Getaway package offers that include a variety of add-ons and activities to entice customers to spend the full weekend at your hotel. To attract guests this Halloween, provide the proper incentive at an affordable price.

Put Emphasis on Hotel Decor

Hotel owners may let their imaginations run wild when it comes to creating Halloween-themed hotel d├ęcor. Hotels worldwide, like the Oxford Hotel in Denver, went above and above to create a frightening atmosphere. With its ghostly past, the hotel brand ensured that the decorations complimented the motif, and this proved to be an appropriate Halloween promotional strategy to improve the property’s exposure and income. You may also decorate the outside and ask friends to take part in pumpkin carving events, decoration themes, and other activities. Bring on the creepy atmosphere with spiders, cobwebs, ghosts, broomsticks, pumpkins, and anything else! Prepare a special Halloween-themed dinner. Guests that visit the hotel will have a remarkable experience, with images and updates immediately published on social media networks, providing your marketing and branding plan a boost. Don’t forget to include your business card in the Trick or Treat goodie bag, which will be distributed at the end of the celebration.

Concentrate on Email Marketing

If you want to attract clients this Halloween, make sure you time your marketing emails correctly. This October, execute specific advertisements aimed at both organized tourists and last-minute planners. Create the appropriate information and images to provide discounts, promo codes, contest updates, and package offers to your existing subscriber base. Create a feeling of urgency for lodging bookings by offering a last-minute Halloween special that is only available for 24 hours. With a certain level of booking, a one-day discount (e.g., Scary Low Prices) typically works out to generate the correct click-through rates. Subscribers will be engaged by themed promotions that run throughout the month around the ‘Trick or Treat’ concept and include entertaining and engaging material. Keep your last call-to-action message brief and to the point. Mention the best possible pricing to encourage online bookings.

Making Engaging Online Content

Halloween is a great time for hoteliers to engage with customers online. Witty and hilarious content, movies, and photographs will do well with your online fans. Maintain relevance to the Halloween theme by creating intriguing and interactive pieces that will generate buzz online or, better yet, go viral. Always make shareable content; the more users who are interested and entertained, the more likely your posts will be shared. Content with a Halloween theme that is both entertaining for readers and valuable for the hotel brand (for example, mentioning your party tickets in a discreet way) can create additional traffic when social media postings are shared online. You may employ funny infographics, online pumpkin search activities on your website, and intriguing Halloween facts to attract attention online. You may be confident of gaining high awareness online as long as you can tickle the funny bone.

Give a Glimpse of the Holiday Season Online

Give a Glimpse of the Holiday Season Online, Inform users about what your hotel has planned for the Christmas season. You can concentrate on a behind-the-scenes look to get a notion of the spookiness degree of your atmosphere on exhibit. Interview employees, submit testimonials, make teasers, and more. You can also give brief highlights of the store’s menu. Include intriguing updates about your hotel property to provide just the right amount of information to entice people to come, dine, and stay at your hotel. We hope you will be able to employ these hotel marketing methods to attract clients during Halloween. Grab consumers’ attention with the appropriate levels of interaction to make your hotel facility stand out. Do you have any tricks up your sleeve? We’d love to hear from you!

Create a schedule of local events.

Even if your property isn’t holding any Halloween events, you may still be an excellent source of information about Halloween and fall activities in your neighborhood. Haunted hayrides, corn mazes, and costume contests may also be popular in your region. Consider categorizing this list by attendance age group and posting it on your premises as well as online.

Even better, you may collaborate with local groups to co-host events related to your brand or property. Do you have an excellent outdoor event space? Would one of your ballrooms be suitable for a socially distant gathering? Keep in mind that these collaborations are an excellent way to improve corporate and community participation.

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