bariatric surgery

How much does bariatric surgery for weight loss cost in India?

The cost of Bariatric Surgery in India, ranges from USD 6400 to USD 7800 for Gastric Bypass Surgery and from USD 5400 to USD 6800 for Sleeve Gastrectomy. The doctor determines whether or not the patient is a candidate for bariatric surgery based on the BMI calculation. The hospital stay is around 2 days, and […]

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Exercise for a Better Sex – What Men Can Do in the Gym

Performance issues in bed are common, but there are easy ways to improve performance in bed without going to the gym. The penis is only part of the equation. There are easy exercises for men to do at home that will improve stamina and endurance. Doing them regularly will increase your sex life for years […]

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Diet the increase testosteron

A Diet That Increases Testosterone Production In The Body

What is Testosterone Level They are well-known since they are known as the “Adoration Hormone,” which is a hormone that has “sex” about each of its direct male effects.  It is an upward push to the physical differences between men and women and the feeling of closeness (the cycle).  The most powerful Testosterone level boosts […]

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