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How to maintain gold and silver jewelry


Improper maintenance of precious gold and silver jewelry will greatly affect their practical value. Just imagine that you wear a blackened silver necklace and a deformed gold bracelet on your finger. Wouldn’t this image make your temperament great? Discount? Therefore, these precious gold and silver jewelry must be properly maintained, so as to prolong their service life.


1 Do not wear it if you sweat while exercising

When you are exercising, you must sweat. Sweat is acidic and will damage gold and silver jewelry. If they are exposed to sweat for a long time, it will affect their color and luster.

2 Do not expose gold and silver jewellery to corrosive chemicals

I believe everyone knows this, because when buying gold jewelry, a responsible waiter will warn you: gold and silver jewelry should not come into contact with corrosive chemicals, such as: bleach, banana water, sulfuric acid, etc.

3 Gold and silver jewellery should not be bumped or weighed down

Gold and silver jewelry are very soft, and they can’t stand the collision with too much pressure, and heavy pressure will not work, which will cause them to deform and then be scrapped directly. Even if it has residual value, it has no practicality.

4 Please take off your gold and silver jewelry when taking a bath or doing housework

When doing housework or taking a bath, you will inevitably come into contact with some cleaning products, and most of these cleaning products will damage gold and silver jewelry. In the long run, the gloss and shape of gold and silver jewelry will be destroyed. Be sure to take it off when doing housework. Save with boohoo nhs discount code

5 Gold and silver jewelry should not be placed arbitrarily

If gold and silver jewelry is placed randomly, it is easy to have “accidents” without your knowledge, such as collision, staying from a high place, being crushed by heavy objects, etc.

6 Regularly clean gold and silver jewelry, use special cleaners

Often wearing gold and silver jewelry will inevitably be very dirty. At this time, please do not use detergents at will, especially scrub detergents. If there is no special detergent, you can use baby shower gel instead. Because baby shower gels are mild in nature.

7 Gold and silver jewelry should be stored in a special box, not mixed together

Gold and silver jewelry should be placed in a special storage box. I believe you all have this, because when you buy these valuables, there must be boxes. Do not mix them together for convenience, which will cause them to rub against each other and damage. Affects gloss and shape.

How to maintain gold inlaid jade jewelry? 

  The fashionable and individual gold-inlaid jade pendant not only has the traditional beautiful meaning of “golden and jade” and “golden and jade”, but also the design of modern gold-inlaid jade pendant integrates fashionable and interesting elements, and the shape becomes flexible and full of fun. People can’t put it down even more, wearing gold inlaid jade pendants has become a fashionable trend. However, many people like to wear gold inlaid jade pendants, but they don’t know much about its maintenance skills.

Maintenance rules of gold inlaid jade jewelry


1  Do not collide with hard objects. Although the Mohs hardness of many jades can reach 7, the brittleness of jade is also very high, and parts of the jade may crack after being hit with a high intensity. Sometimes, the jade will have dark cracks after being hit, and people can’t see it easily, but its inner molecular mechanism may have been damaged, so the value and perfection of the gold-inlaid jade pendant have been greatly affected, so it is said that when wearing During the process, everyone should be careful not to collide with hard objects or let them fall from a height.

2  Gold inlaid jade is a combination of jade and gold. Therefore, when wearing the pendant, do not let the pendant come into contact with harmful chemicals, especially mercury. When gold encounters mercury, a chemical reaction will occur, resulting in white spots on the surface of the gold, and it cannot pixel gold. It is also very important to not be in contact with chemicals such as mercury in life.

How to maintain gold inlaid jade jewelry?  Maintenance rules of gold inlaid jade jewelry

3 To maintain the proper humidity of gold inlaid jade, the water-like quality of jade is an important reason why people love jade, so in the usual maintenance process, everyone should pay special attention to maintaining the humidity of jade, and do not put the gold inlaid jade pendant in the sun In such an environment, the jade is easy to lose its moist moisture, which affects the color of the gold inlaid jade pendant.

4 Regular cleaning of gold inlaid jade pendants is also an important maintenance skill, because both gold and jade are very easy to be contaminated with oil and dust in the air. In addition to keeping away from oily and dusty places during wearing, it is necessary to regularly clean the pendant. It is cleaned, otherwise the pendant will easily lose its own shiny and bright luster. At home, you can use a neutral detergent and a soft brush for cleaning, and then wipe off the water with a white soft cloth. Use Boden discount code


  Wearing a gold inlaid jade pendant has the effect of eliminating disasters and preventing evil, seeking good luck and avoiding evil, expressing people’s desire for peace and happiness, and its profound cultural heritage and beautiful meaning are unmatched by other jewelry. Such a precious gold inlaid jade pendant, everyone should not take its maintenance lightly, master the correct maintenance skills, so that your gold inlaid jade pendant will last forever.

How to care for platinum jewelry?

Longing for a long time, when an elegant and beautiful platinum jewelry brings you a good feeling, can you think of how to take care of your beloved platinum jewelry so that it will always accompany you as bright as new? Here are some simple methods for you.

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1 When you do household chores, don’t let the platinum jewelry you wear get oily or bleached water, oil will affect the luster of the jewelry; bleaching water may cause the jewelry to stain.

2 Although you want to be eye-catching when you are young, you must not wear platinum jewelry and gold jewelry at the same time, because the texture of gold is soft. If you rub against each other, the gold powder will be adsorbed on the platinum, making the platinum yellow, affecting the pure luster unique to platinum. Anything But a Backpack Day.

3 If worn frequently, platinum jewelry should try to be cleaned once a month to maintain a shiny luster. It can be cleaned with special jewelry cleaner, or it can be cleaned by yourself. The correct method is: Squeeze the toothpaste on a towel and rub it back and forth with the platinum jewelry with your hands to remove the fine lines and grime on the surface, then wash with diluted household dishwashing liquid, and then rinse with water. , the luster can be restored as new.

4 If your platinum jewelry is set with diamonds, it is recommended that you send the platinum jewelry to a jewelry store for inspection every year, picuki Instagram viewer and carry out professional cleaning and repair in time, so that the platinum and diamond jewelry will always be worn new.

5 If your platinum jewelry is set with diamonds, it is recommended that you send the platinum jewelry to a jewelry store for inspection every year, and carry out professional cleaning and repair in time, so that the platinum and diamond jewelry will always be worn new. Save with Debenhams Voucher Code, Debenhams NHS Discount Code, Debenhams NHS Discounts, Debenhams coupon code 10 Off, Debenhams NHS Discount and Debenhams Promo Code , Debenhams Discount Code NHS and Debenhams Discount Code

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