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Denver’s Grand Re-Launch of Dave and Busters


We started a PR effort in October 2011 to announce the grand re-opening of the Dave and Busters Denver site at I-25 and Colorado Boulevard. The updated Dave and Buster introduced a completely fresh style and concept to Denver. The Denver location served as a test store where the unique idea was investigated in anticipation of potential distribution to the rest of the country.

Dallas Executives From Corporate Headquarters

The team collaborated with the management at the corporate headquarters in Dallas, Texas, to develop and carry out an aggressive PR campaign to “re-brand” the idea of Dave and save Busters in order to gain visibility among customers, the media, community partners, and leaders. The dave & busters Denver rebranding concept in Denver was a huge success thanks to PR & media initiatives including a media plan, media relations, community awareness & re-opening activities, and a sizable VIP party.

VIP Event For Grand Reopening

The team devised and carried out a multifaceted strategy to introduce the idea, including a special menu tasting and site visit for the media, the grand reopening of Dave & Busters Denver VIP party, working with a venue promoter (Kevin Larson Presents) to get the “let’s go” guy or gal to join the opening, outreach, media relations, consumer outreach, and social media.

Renovation of the Inverness Hotel

A 4-diamond AAA-rated hotel to resort amenities, the Inverness Hotel or Conference Center is situated in Englewood, Colorado. In order to promote and secure media attention for its most recent renovation of public areas, including the lobby and the establishment of a new coffee shop, The Inverness Hotel hired dave & busters Denver in 2015. A marketing strategy was also developed to promote the hotel’s full-service spa, private 18-hole PGA golf course, four on-site eating establishments, and conference, trade show, event, and meeting facilities.

A Complete Media Outreach Plan

A news release announcing the $1.5 million renovation of the public spaces and lobby as well as the new coffee shop was followed by a local or national push for wedding, travel, spa, golf, or conference planning markets as part of DPP’s extensive media outreach strategy.

Dave and Busters Promotions, Costs, and Other Information

Dave & Busters Denver will be offering discounts, coupons, special days to visit, and savings through its Rewards program in 2021. We searched the web for the best deals and the most basic information we could find, and we’ve put them here. Have a wonderful time!

Charge for Entry at Dave and Busters

Dave and Busters Denver does not charge admission. Visitors are welcome to see other party participants enjoying the fun. Of course, if you want to eat or play games, you have to pay. Anyone can come in, eat, but then leave if they so choose.

At Dave and Busters, the Price of Game Cards or the Power Tap

You should pay a $3 registration charge the first time you have used a Power Card, but you also get 15 chips for free. The cards can cost you anything beyond the original $3 because you can put any number of chips on them. Bring your card and “tap” the device with you if you already have one to avoid paying the activation fee.

A Power Card and Power Tap are used to buy and load chips (points). Every time a card and device are swiped or tapped, chips are lost. It costs 10 dollars for each Power Tap (wristband, lanyard, and power wand). 25 chips will be given to you, and each of them will be activated.

Cost of Chips/Points for Dave and Busters Games

At Dave & Busters Denver, almost all games have a cost of 3 to 10 chips (points), with the majority costing around 5 and 7 chips (points). Even while it is feasible, it is uncommon for anybody to receive a score higher than 10.

It seems that 6.8 chips are the most frequently charged sum for games. A single skeeball costs 2.6 chips. Depending on the time of day, virtual reality activities might cost dave and busters $20 coupon or more. Virtual games are occasionally sold separately. Each participant in the virtual reality event at Tempe Marketplace pays $6.

“One Last Game” by Dave & Buster’s

Skeeball can be played with the few leftover chips on your card if there aren’t enough for the game you want to play but not enough to cover it. You can depart from there satisfied, having gotten every last bit of fun out of your visit. It’s not necessary for you to leave the casino with 1.5 worthless chips. Use up your card if you don’t plan to come back later to replenish it.

At Dave and Buster’s, Redemption Games Include

Redeemer games include ticket-earning sports like skeeball and basketball. You won’t get actual tickets that now “Tickets” have been put on your card in place of them. Non-redemption games would be those in which there is no reward after winning.

How Do Things Work at Dave & Buster’s?

Occasionally, such promotions, particularly those lasting a full day or a short period of time, will only offer “non-redemption” games. It goes without saying that they don’t want you to play skeeball over eight hours or take home all of their prizes as well as Dave and Busters. Denver

How Do You Calculate Your Earned Ticket Count

To check the points remaining on your card, you use your app or go to the prize area. To see your point balance, tap and scan your card. Tickets are no longer printed on paper. All of them are instantly loaded on your card.

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Prizes From Dave and Buster’s

Dave and busters Denver has a sizable prize space. Your (virtually loaded) tickets can be redeemed for rewards ranging from 25 to 100,000+ points. You can purchase 100 additional points for $1 if you’re low on them. You cannot receive less for less money. Only in increments of 100 points do they “sell” points.

A Good Place For A Date Is Dave & Buster’s

Yes! Dave and Busters Denver is a fun spot to go for dates because it has many two-player interactive games. Naturally, a gaming night might include meals before, during, or after.

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