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Best Body Treatments In New York – Joanna Vargas

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Everyone has heard how vital it is to look after our body. Eat your vegetables, get plenty of water, take your vitamins, work out frequently, and concentrate on a balanced diet. When you think about our body’s physical health, each of these matters a lot. When you consider taking care of your body and maintaining your health, how often does your mind wander to thoughts of getting a facial, a massage, getting your nails done, or simply pampering yourself? You need to start considering body treatment right away if you don’t already!

Visit Joanna Vargas for the best body treatment in new york. They offer a variety of services including the most effective massage in new york.

Despite being unknown to many, taking care of your skin actually affects your physical well-being. Spa and body treatments can actually enhance your overall health in a number of ways.

Body Treatments provided by Joanna Vargas 

1. Twilight body treatment 

This revolutionary body treatment improves tone, texture, and tightness while significantly decreasing small lines and wrinkles. It does this by combining the skin-tightening power of radio frequency with the deeper collagen remodeling of microneedling. Clients will see an immediate lift and skin tone balancing in their chosen region of concern thanks to high-tech techniques including Microneedling, Radio Frequency, Cryotherapy, and Joanna’s revolutionary Revitalight Bed.

2. Emsculpt Neo Luxe 

A revolutionary non-surgical body sculpting procedure called Emsculpt Neo works to tone your muscles and burn fat during each session. The Joanna Vargas luxurious difference starts with a revitalizing facial wash, mask, and cryotherapy, which boosts cellular metabolism, circulation, and oxygenation while offering anti-inflammatory effects. Next, Emsculpt Neo is applied to the specific body part you’ve chosen. You can shape your arms, legs, buttocks and abdomen. 

To improve and accelerate results, Emsculpt Neo Luxe offers a free session on a Revitalight LED bed or a hyperbaric oxygen treatment. Without spending additional time in the gym, you’ll leave feeling deflated, contoured, and refreshed.

  1. Emsculpt Classic 

Emsculpt is a non-invasive body contouring procedure that uses intense electromagnetic energy to tone and build muscle. It is non-painful, FDA-approved, and improves muscle mass by 16% while decreasing fat by 19% in specific regions. Cryotherapy, a face mask, and a facial cleanser are all part of the Joanna Vargas difference, which also has anti-inflammatory effects and boosts cellular metabolism, circulation, and oxygenation. 

  1. Double happiness body treatment 

Microdermabrasion with a diamond tip combined with pure oxygen produces the best results. An all-over exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and impurities is the first step in this full-body treatment, which is followed by the application of pure oxygen blended with Joanna’s vitamin-rich Oxygen Serum to fully hydrate and revitalize skin with luminous results. This procedure is finished with their go-to organic moisturizer for smooth, healthy-looking skin.

5. The burn body treatment 

This treatment includes a radio frequency treatment that targets areas of concern in a transformative manner. In this procedure, state-of-the-art equipment heats and tightens your skin, triggering collagen production and melting away fat and cellulite. For best results, a series of six is recommended.

6. Supernova Body Treatment 

The Supernova Body was inspired by the celeb-favorite Supernova Facial. Joanna crafted this shoulder-to-toe body treatment to bring out your ultimate glow. To soften the surface and remove dead skin cells, they begin with nutrient-rich liquid exfoliation, followed by nourishing body oil and body cryotherapy to soothe inflammation. This is followed by a brightening oxygen treatment with Joanna’s own green tea & hyaluronic acid serum to nourish skin for a radiant appearance for a long time.

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