Airport security solutions

Using Advanced Technology Solutions to Improve Aviation Security solutions.


You’d agree that Aviation Security solutions and surveillance technologies are now so prevalent that you can’t escape them no matter where you go, including airports, retail malls, office buildings, and protected government sites. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last two decades.

However, impossible does not always imply fail-safe, as the recent spate of terrorist attacks in numerous areas demonstrates. The bulk of Aviation Security solutions checks done nowadays are invasive in nature, forcing you to either pat down your body or pass your bags via X-ray equipment, or rely on gesture analytics. These strategies have limitations since they do not adequately manage identity, which is the underlying Trojan horse fueling the bulk of breaches. In terms of Aviation Security solutions, we are still not at the point where the entire monitoring system is designed on user-centric data and individual identity. As a result, we will investigate a few strategies that are likely to be employed in the future to assist security organizations and counterterrorism teams in conducting more complete investigations.

The use of biometrics in passports

Many countries are already testing passports with built-in biometric templates, and this trend may soon become ubiquitous. Using a compact, secure memory device, security staff and law enforcement may rapidly check each and every person’s fingerprints as they move through the airport or other sites where passports are required. If biometric passports are extensively adopted, the existing problem of “forged passports” will be minimized.

The use of wireless technologies for tracking

Everyone wants free Wi-Fi at the airport, and using triangulation methods or Received Signal Strength Indication (RSSI) data, it is possible to pinpoint every Wi-Fi endpoint (smartphones, laptops, etc.). This may also be used to discover more about someone, such as the route they traveled to go to the airport, the places they frequented, the products they purchased, and other details.

The development of enhanced camera technologies

There are cameras in every airport around the globe. When a traveler is in the airport and undergoing various procedures, such as check-ins, immigration, boarding’s, etc., such as these, video and gesture analytics can help airport employees more effectively and covertly grasp the intentions of the passenger. Modern 4k cameras with built-in analytics and high-resolution zoom may provide the much-needed assistance for gesture analytics. Read our earlier blog post on 4K surveillance cameras for further details on why this technology can be useful for airport security.

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