Sandals are currently in fashion these days with so many available options to choose from. Different brands come with different options but choosing your very own pair is a difficult task. A few days back, I need a sandal that is versatile and goes with the fashion trend. I explore so many outlets in my town and didn’t find my pair then a friend of mine advised me to explore HAMODA. I found the best MARINORA PLATFORM SANDALS in their online store. I was amazed to know the variety of footwear HAMODA was offering. Every pair there was just beautiful and affordable.

Now, when I have my order on my feet it gives me a feeling of Cinderella so I am writing a few words to appreciate HAMODA. I am not writing this for HAMODA but you that you could know the current trends of the footwear industry and where to set your expectations when you are in search of chunky sandals like these. This piece of writing is going to help you whether is worth it for you to have a pair like this or not. And what could you have in this beautiful versatile sandal?


When it comes to design, I found it eye catchy. I remember when I was scrolling their website I gave this sandal 2 minutes and it gives me a vibe to choose it. It’s a chunky outsole and straps on the top with embellishment make it worthy to buy. Its stylish design enhances support and comfort for the person wearing it.

Style and standards

Taking style into consideration, these MEGVO BRAIDED HEELS SANDALS are stylish and will give you head turns. The stylish designs go with maximum outfits.  They fulfill all the international standards of the shoe market. They are tested and approved before coming to the market. The plain leather chunky sole support the natural look of your feet.

Ankle support

Any type of footwear needs ankle support. And this pair of sandals will ensure its support to your foot, ankle, and leg. They are designed in a way that one can have them for a day or week, none stop. The soft sole helps to wear them on a beach day and also gives air breath to your feet.


The more popular the footwear the more customizations they have. The best shoe is one that goes with every foot type. The straps on the top will help you to wear the shoe with the best support system. You can manage your pair based on your foot type, and make it adjustable to the best position. The straps also ensure your ankle support.They also come in four colors that you can choose from.


Shoes are all about comfort. When you choose a shoe your very first demand is its comfort level. Style is not necessary but comfort is. And HAMODA ensures this. These comfy sandals give you comfort that you can wear any time of the day. It ensures to keep the natural alignment of your foot in place.

 These are the features that MESVA SNEAKERS offered. You must take this into account before buying any product. I suggest you not buy but just have a look at this store before making your final decision.

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